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Process Automation & Machine Control

Envision, engineer, and execute on time and on budget - project after project.

HTSE provides automation solutions for some of the world's largest (and not so large) pharmaceutical, chemical, food/beverage, medical device, and manufacturing companies. Our intense focus on these industries has resulted in technical fluencies, foresights, and insights honed through 1000+ client projects. We feel your time is valuable, so we have designed this site with speed in mind. Thank you for visiting.

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In automation, things change continuously. The winning formula for keeping up is experience + training. HTSE engineers and IT professionals possess on average, over a decade of real world field experience. We institute continuing employee training programs; this ensures our staff is not only experienced with legacy systems, but also knowledgeable and skilled in the design and deployment of emerging control platforms and technologies.

HTSE engineers and IT professionals possess an average 12+ years of field experience.

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Process Automation

HTSE has developed, installed, and commissioned a diverse variety of DCS and PLC control platforms for many different processes. Techniques used include advanced algorithms, PIDs, IEC 1131, programming standards development, simulation, startup, and interfacing to databases.
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HTSE and Process Automation
We have designed and installed hundreds of control systems and developed countless lines of operating logic to control a variety of manufacturing processes and equipment. Our diverse experience with a broad cross-section of hardware platforms and applications has taught HTSE the importance of developing structured programming standards, flexible control code and the importance of utilizing engineering staff that not only have superior programming abilities but a strong knowledge of processes, process equipment and their safe and reliable control. Make sure to review our Representative Process Automation Project Listing.

Batching and Continuous Process Controls
HTSE works with clients on batch and continuous process control projects ranging from single loop to plant-wide systems. We deliver solutions using the best available standard systems and components. Whenever possible, we design DCS, PLC, and PC based control solutions using widely marketed hardware and SCADA platforms. Such systems ensure better vendor support and spare parts availability and allow HTSE systems to be supported by you in-house, by us, or through other providers in addition to HTSE.

The control of a batch or continuous process demands a specific knowledge of process automation. Knowledge of standards like S88 and significant experience are a necessity in the successful implementation of a batch or continuous process control system. HTSE possesses the in-house expertise to answer questions such as:

  • What are the best proven methodologies and available technologies to meet the need?
  • How should the process be segmented?
  • What is the best way to standardize batch building blocks i.e. chemical additions, etc.?
  • How should recipes be constructed?
  • What about FDA and regulatory compliance?
  • Does the process design meet the specific automation standards?
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HTSE can work with you to determine your control system and total process automation needs. We can perform on-site reviews, prepare written plans, estimate and propose a complete solution. HTSE has the experience and know-how to implement your process control utilizing many vendor platforms.

Start-up, Troubleshooting, and Commissioning Services
HTSE engineering staff has the field skills and experience necessary to support the start-up and commissioning of your automated processes and machinery. We offer training and system documentation services so that your plant personnel can operate and maintain the systems we design and install. As an automation service provider, our responsibility is to provide a robust, reliable and profitable system for our clients. We will:

  • Develop start-up and commissioning documents and/or checklists for equipment and controls
  • Work with the trades on power-up to check field devices
  • Operate each piece of equipment or portion of the process to observe, identify, and correct problems
  • Confirm all communications are functioning properly
  • Provide all PLC program or DCS configuration testing and debug
  • Tune control loops
  • Perform fault annunciations and alarm action verification testing
  • Perform process and/or equipment operational verification
  • Finalize and verify that the requirements of the design are satisfied
  • Perform or be present for dry and production runs
  • Perform validation execution or other regulatory checks if required
  • Provide operator training
  • Provide operations manuals

Platforms & Experience

Exceptional performance requires exceptional capability.

Although HTSE maintains vendor independence, we have partnerships with key platform and component providers - as well as extensive experience in the development and deployment of solutions using their technologies. In addition, we have substantial experience with many other industry standard (...and not so standard) control applications. We have gained a broad exposure to a very diverse set of control platforms and systems.

In the world of process automation and machine control, the state-of-the-art changes continuously. The winning formula for keeping up is platform training plus related experience. We institute continuing employee education and training programs. This ensures our staff is not only experienced in the support of legacy systems, but also knowledgeable and skilled in the design and deployment of emerging control platforms and technologies.

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At HTSE, our strategic driver is to maintain both a strong market focus and product focus which translates into decreased project timelines, more reliable system performance, and ultimately, higher manufacturing throughput for our clients. This creates client satisfaction which is key to the building of a strong long-term client relationship.

Repeat business is the result of a strong long-term client relationship and is a true testament of track record - in fact, it accounts for 90% of our work.

With over 1000 completed projects for client corporations; our clients know us for our depth of knowledge, economy of use, and skillful project executions. Regardless of project size, we take a partner’s interest, investing our knowledge and energy as stakeholders.

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Safety systems, reliable plant operation, adherence to regulations and environmental laws are just some of the many factors that add automation challenges to requirements in the chemical industry.
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These issues make it all the more important to have a competent partner who is not only familiar with the specific requirements for equipment and industrial systems, but also has a sound understanding of the process engineering procedures and specific requirements in the chemical industry. HTSE provides automation and project support services for chemical manufacturers. We have extensive experience in the control of chemical manufacturing processes and equipment using robust DCS and PLC control technologies and associated operator interfaces. We posses a thorough understanding of the requirement for rugged and dependable controls along with the process safety systems associated with chemical manufacturing and control.

Our automation experience for chemical manufacturers includes:

  • Pressure, temperature, and flow control
  • Batching control systems
  • Continuous control systems
  • Fired equipment
  • Reactor control
  • SIL - Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Mixing & blending
  • Process manufacturing equipments i.e. tank farms, heat exchangers, fluidizing beds, transporters, distillation columns, dryers, etc.
  • Utilities i.e. steam, compressed air, etc.
  • Water systems

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Company Information

We know the key to any successful project is communication. Please feel free to contact us anytime; we are here to answer your questions and welcome any ideas or feedback. Thank you for visiting